Save the date: CEA SIELE webinar!

This Wednesday April 18th is the I Seminar web for SIELE Authorized Examination Centers with the aim of helping you solve together any doubts about the classroom registration and exam sessions. Furthermore, topics such as the billing, coupon management and externally linked classrooms will be also discussed. It will have two identical sessions:

 At 11 AM time in Spain (GMT +1), 2:00 AM US West Coast time. (Language: Spanish)

At 7 PM time in Spain (GMT +1), 10:00 AM US West Coast time (Language: English)

The session will be open 15 minutes before the webinar starts due to resolve any doubt or technical issue. Access through this email.

¿How can I log in? 

Just access through this link the attended day:


    The procedure for accessing, it is choosing the option “Enter as a guest”. Then enter your name and your Authorized SIELE Examination Center.Please check to find out at what time these webinar will take place in your city. Check it


    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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